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Texan Son is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

Notes about placing your order for a web site design
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Terminology    Some clarification
============   ===================================================
Introduction   On the home page of your site, what is the greeting
               you wish to convey about the purpose for the site.
Description    Within this page, describe exactly what you are
               providing, price, availability, time offered.
Contact info   List name(s), addresses, email, telephone,
               fax numbers; days & hours of operations.
Inquiry form   List the data items your require
               from the visitor.

1. Simple is best.
2. Want us to include your own digital image for the web site name
   and/or a company logo on each page? At the time of placing your
   order, email them as attachments to: and
   include your receipt's Purchase ID number on the Subject line.
   Please do this on the same day your order is placed; otherwise,
   there will be an additional $15 charge for each digital image
   included per page for such after thoughts.
3. Prepare the information wording offline before placing an order.
4. If you desire a specific heading and/or sub-heading on a page,
   leave a blank line between them and the next item on the page.
5. If you have a couple of paragraphs on a page, also leave a blank
   line between each, so that we can tell them apart.
6. Sleep on your first and second drafts before placing an order.
7. Our goal is to hit the target's bulls eye when it comes to our
   customers. This has best occurred when our customers defined
   their specific target beforehand, communicated it directly
   to us and then refrained from moving it.

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